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Картина копия Камиля Писсарро (copy of Camille Pissarro)

картинка Картина копия Камиля Писсарро (copy of Camille Pissarro) от магазина Бизнес подарки+
масло на холсте
47 000 руб.

Авторcкая работа Maria McCulloch
Копия с картины Камиля Писсарро (copy of Camille Pissarro)
Размер изображения: 30х40 см Возможен размер по вашему заказу (size by order)
Масло на холсте, багет (oil on canvas, Wooden baguette)
Автограф художника, паспорт.

Maria McCulloch
MA Fine arts, University of Veliko Turnovo St Cyril and St. Methodius
National high school  of Stage and Film Design, Plovdiv
Works in oil, watercolor, acrylic, computer graphics and design techniques

Solo exhibitions
2014 - Watercolor exhibition at Art Club "Morocco" The Old Town in the form of "Night of the Galleries"
2009 - Watercolor Exhibition "Dejavou" Ennisillen Town Library, North Ireland
1999 - Exhibition of oil paintings in Melon Gallery, now "Philippopolis", Plovdiv
1998 - Watercolor Exhibition at Trakia Gallery, Old Town
1996 - Exhibition of watercolors at Akrabov Gallery Old Town
1991 - First solitary exhibition with curator Bulgarian artist from Plovdiv Anastas Konstantinov in "Starinna" Gallery Old Town
Joint exhibitions
2017 - Family exhibition in tourist center, town of Hissarya
2015 - Family exhibition at Sempre Gallery of New Bulgarian University, Plovdiv
2013 - Exhibition "Painting by Many" at Art Center "Orchid"
2007 - Family Exhibition in "The Children's Art House" Old Town
2001 - 2006 Participation in the "Imaginary Temple" project with curator Plamena Dimitrova Racheva
2005 - Young Artists Exhibition, Spring Salon
1999 - Spring exhibition of female artists, group of artists
"Impression" 99,98,97 Arts Fair, Plovdiv
"Small Forms" European Month of Culture Plovdiv'99
"Popular forms" European Month of Culture Plovdiv'99
1998 - exhibition in "House of Mexican Art", Ancient Plovdiv
"The Wine Route", Assenovgrad
1997 - International Biennale of Graphics Varna97, International Catalog Varna 97
Annual exhibition of the group of Varna artists
National Teacher’s Exhibition at the Exhibition Hall in Veliko Tarnovo.
Spring Salon of the Plovdiv Artists Group.
1996 - Student Exhibition of Diplomas in Dosev Gallery, Sofia Spring Salon, Plovdiv
Exhibition of Fine Art Teachers, Teacher's House, Plovdiv
Her works are property in Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the US

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масло на холсте
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